October 26, 2019


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For a turnkey project, all the various departments within a company must be on the same page including the hired contractors. The client needed a dependable solution that would explain all the phases of construction & working details of the systems to each personnel involved.      

EV intervention:

  • The audience for this information were majorly, Engineers. The object of this communication was the process flow and principle working of sub-structures. For this basic communication, we opted for simple 2D animation.

  • The site drawings were translated into visually appealing schematics with motion applied to the moving parts of the structure.

  • Working of each and every structure was explained through animation overlaid with audio and visual commentary.


The final result was a clear, simple to understand film. It was heavily endorsed internally for better each and every team member’s understanding. 2D animated films being smaller in file size empowered the client to circulate it through email for onsite teams.

Share The Case-Study