October 26, 2019


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A reputed supplier of Elevator components developed a new a cabin solution that aimed at reforming the entire installation process. At factory site, the entire assembly process, was familiarised with. The salient features of the product were studied. The entire information was processed from marketing point of view. Many hidden features and benefits of the product were discovered. To promote this product, the client wanted to focus on demonstration of the reformed installation process to their buyers and erectors.

​EV intervention:

  • Training EV was made keeping in mind the installation workers. A step by step guide of the new process was created with voice commentary in various regional languages.

  • Visuals accompanied with audio helped in reducing the overall time taken for installation almost making it a zero-error procedure.


Such self-explanatory films proved to be a time-saving and foolproof solution for the client. It saved the hassle of creating a pictorial manual which caused confusion in previous instances.

Share The Case-Study