October 26, 2019


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A reputed supplier of Elevator components including elevator door came up with a innovative & disruptive product that created a new product segment called “semi-automatic” elevator door. Such a product needed wide spread awareness within their market. Until then, for advertising, the client relied on exhibitions, brochure and word of mouth.

At the factory site, we were familiarised with the product: its construction, usage and its multiple advantages. The entire information was assimilated to bring out hidden benefits.

​EV intervention:

  • The EV focused on the uniqueness of the product. The uniqueness was conveyed through animated usage of the door in different scenarios such as attempt to open it before arrival, halting the door from closing etc.

  • The mechanism also conveyed it’s smooth functioning without revealing too much detailed information.

  • Further, voice-over lucidly explained each and every aspects of the door.

  • As entire story was building, we were also able to coin a name for their product which aptly described its uniqueness in a word. This helped us altogether to build a new brand identity for their product.


Instead of showcasing the product in an exhibition, this video was circulated through various marketing channels to their current and potential customers. With minimum investment, client successfully generated multitudes of leads with a high rate of conversion. Further, the client’s customers ended up circulating the video in their community which aided the client’s marketing effort and added up to the leads.

Share The Case-Study