October 26, 2019


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For government body tenders, the contractor has to make a presentation for project plan approval and sanctioning of the funds. Till now the client relied on a slide show presentation which contained engineering drawings, photographs, reference material etc. All the facts and figures were read out verbatim to a large group of political, administrative, NGO and press personnel.
The client needed a solution to engage the wide spectrum of their audience and make sure their proposal was understood by them.

EV intervention:

  • The entire site was captured through drone and traditional videography. The proposed plan was recreated from the drawings provided. This activity gave us an opportunity to show the striking and advantageous difference between the existing facility and proposed solution provided by client.

  • Through Process EV, we were able to recreate working of every structure. Through sectional views, material movement, moving components we enabled lay persons to grasp the working of the plant.

  • Audio commentary further simplified the functionality, specifications and benefits of the proposed solution.


The presentation was made to a huge audience including political bodies, local administrative authorities, environmental bodies and the press. The specifications of the project were well received and everybody understood the process thoroughly. The video helped the clients pitch their idea to all the stakeholders and answer all doubts effortlessly. The video also increased the goodwill of the client amongst its stakeholders.

Share The Case-Study