October 26, 2019

Job seeker vs Intrapreneur

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These are exciting times we live in. Newer and newer technologies in never before thought fields are cropping up instantly. Power of internet, fierce competition, support of the government, an influx of foreign investment. Entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the minutest to the grandest of visions and shaking up the world. There was never a better time to do your thing or be a part of a larger picture.

How might one wonder are these cross breeds of business cropping up? The simplistic answer would be Knowledge. Majority of entrepreneurs have well-rounded knowledge more reliable than bookish literature. One is correct to conclude that having a large skill set and a wide range of knowledge is a sure shot key to success in today’s world. I could not be more correct. Being an expert in one field is also great. Adaptability is of unequivocal importance in either case.

What I, as a partner of TruDes Studio, want to emphasise here is that the youth must be able to see the larger picture. Become an expert in one field or hone the skill of being adaptable, the youth must question the current status quo, get behind the scene of current education, take risks and explore uncharted waters. Learn, seek, ask questions.

Nobody will agree that this will be a smooth ride. Patience is an indispensable trait if one is to walk the path of being a seeker. The Instagram generation is high on instant gratification. Can blame no one. But I would like to bring their attention to the higher purpose of doing anything at hand. ‘Purpose’ is grossly overlooked these days. This ‘purpose’ is unique to every individual. It must answer what outcome are we expecting out of an activity in the long haul.

It is adaptability, inquisitive nature and patience which create a fertile ground for collaboration and gives birth to brilliant entrepreneurial journeys.

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs sought mere employees. Collaboration is the need of the hour. Where there is a win-win for both the parties and responsibilities too are shared joyfully. This trust based relationship takes each one a long way and builds the ship that will successfully sail this competitive world. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. These in-house Collaborators, better known as Intrapreneurs are true partners in the journey of entrepreneurship.

TruDes Studio has been a melting pot of multiple skill sets. Our studio is a place where we converge science, art, storytelling, management and engineering to create compelling Technical Animation (which we call, Experiential Videos). These visual stories empower our clients to meet their goals and at the same time open our roads to an even wider world.

We, at TruDes Studio are looking for persons who share this appetite of exploring/ changing the world. We are seeking disruptors, multi-taskers, risk takers who are not shy of a mighty challenge. We are seeking individuals who are driven by their own sacred purpose. We are seeking people who have the fire in their belly to carve a niche in this impermeable, ever-evolving world. TruDes Studio is interested to meet Intrapreneurs who don’t want to be a cog in a wheel, but want to work shoulder to shoulder in a dynamic and lean organization.

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