October 26, 2019

Introducing Experiential Videos

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Recall that meeting when you tried way too hard to explain your point using presentation slides? Recall the slight twitch of your audience, when they thought they got it, only for you to discover, they didn’t. After the meeting, were you sure you helped your client grasp your idea?

You slaved over your marketing email for days and it contains important information for your customers. But did it resonate? Did it drive results?

The picturesque brochures you design, is there a way to measure if they deliver the vision across? Can one guarantee that it will leave a mark in the piles of brochures the visitors are left with at every exhibition?

Communication is an ever existent challenge. With the flood of content on digital networks, one cannot guarantee a content in particular will stand out.

A successful communication is one which is easily absorbed by your audience, helps them precisely visualize, leaves a mark on them and is easy to recall at any instant.

As a medium of communication, video content has always been more effective than textual content. It is definitely no secret that technical animation is the most powerful form of content in the industry. Regardless of whether one is planning to acquire new clients, or train them about the intricacies of a product, technical animation is a great tool for your overall communication needs.

While the Industrial animation, Process Animation, Architectural walkthroughs, Product Explainer videos are proving to be very effective, there is still a lot more potential to it that remains untapped.

Until now, these videos illustrate the product (or process) in detail. Period. Now imagine, these visuals are overlaid with the power of storytelling. They start with a suitable plot and explain the process in a memorable format. A voice-over narrating such a story elevates the overall experience and increases retention.

Such power packed videos can be utilized throughout a product life cycle for

  • expediting feedback collection even before prototype stage,
  • impactful promotion to solicit support from investors and stakeholders,
  • effective demonstration to your team members and your consumers,
  • highlighting the minutest details and visualizations that are otherwise impossible to capture, to name a few.

The technical animation geared up with power of effective storytelling, deliver an overall experience to the viewer. At TruDes Studio, we call them ‘Experiential Videos’ (EV). The viewing media might be a flat screen, AR/ VR or in any applications, these Experiential videos help the viewer comprehend your offering in an exciting format giving you a better opportunity to engage your customers. The possibilities for storytelling and creating an experience through these videos are only limited by your imagination.

To know more how EV’s can elevate your product experience and enable you to engage your customers or train your workforce, do get in touch with us at TruDes Studio.

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