October 26, 2019

Explainer Videos : An exciting way to engage your target audience

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A buyer should feel an innate desire to own the product or to avail the service that your organisation is offering. In this digital age, it becomes further more important for a company to grab the mind share of the customer before it grabs the market share. With companies competing for the mind share of the buyer, it is important that the company nails it, when it comes to the website experience and marketing communication.

Let us consider two scenarios.

Scenario 1: You browse through the various pages of a company website with which you want to do business. The website is pretty neat, there are a few images of their products and you find most of the information in the form of paragraphs. Would you spend time reading all the text or you wish there was an alternative?

Scenario 2: You arrive at a company website with which you want to do business. You come across a video on the company homepage. The video is short, crisp and to the point, which explains in brief about the company and its services. After watching the video, you visit the other pages of the website to learn more about the company.

Which scenario do you usually find yourself in?

According to industry reports, B2B decision makers and executives consume at least 3-4 pieces of content, before talking to a salesperson. What better than a video to grab their attention? Videos are helpful when you want to increase the time spent by visitors on your website. It also improves the overall user experience of a website.

An Explainer Video could be the solution to increasing the time spent by visitors on your website. Video is a form of content which is relevant through all the stages of a buyer’s journey, be it the awareness stage, the consideration stage or the decision making stage. The reason video content has gained importance over the years is because of the shift in the buyer’s preference of consuming the content which is available online. About 78% of people watch videos every week and almost 55% watch a video every day. Today’s buyer is empowered because of the plethora of choices available to him. Hence, we at TruDes Studio, believe it is important for a company to incorporate videos in its marketing communication strategy.

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